About Doug Jones

You are about to embark on a large investment in Mexico.  There are many moving parts and many people involved in a real estate transaction.  No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how much due diligence you have performed, the bottom line is it always gets down to “TRUST.”  Let’s face it, everyone looks great on the internet.  We’ve all written our own website text that will put us in the best light possible. 

Here are some facts about Doug Jones to consider in making your decision to engage his service:

·         Doug established the first mortgage brokerage in Mexico in 2004

·         He has closed well over 100 real estate transactions in Mexico

·         Doug has an established network of trusted real estate service providers in all areas of Mexico that he will put to work for YOU.

·         Doug purchased his first property in Mexico in 1994 (pre-NAFTA)

·         Doug oversaw the construction of his home built in 2004

·         He has a BS in Finance/Real Estate from Colorado State University

·         He is a licensed real estate agent in the United States

·         He is a licensed (currently inactive) mortgage loan officer in the United States (NMLS # 139824).  Doug has over 30 years of mortgage lending & real estate experience

·         Doug is a US tax expert, specializing in individuals with complex financial matters

·         Doug is an expert negotiator and understands the Mexican business culture

·         Doug speaks both English and Spanish

Put this experience, skill and knowledge to work for YOU when considering your real estate purchase in Mexico.

Maybe I haven't seen EVERYTHING that can come up in a Mexico Real Estate transcation,

but I've seen most of it more than once. 

Every transaction is unique.  I AM A PROBLEM SOLVER.  I GET THE JOB DONE!!

Mexico requires "patience, flexibility and a ton of follow up." Doing business in Mexico is not for the meek, and not everyone is cut out to be successful. “Type A” personalities should take special note of this and hire someone who is!